CCI Thermal Technologies Inc. - Oakville, ON


CCI Thermal Technologies Inc.
2721 Plymouth Drive
Oakville, Ontario
Canada L6H 5R5

Ph: 905.829.4422
Fax: 905.829.4430
Toll Free: 1.800.410.3131
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Situated 20 minutes west of downtown Toronto, CCI Thermal Oakville recently relocated to a newly renovated 100,000 sq. ft. facility. This location was chosen for its convenient access to road, rail, air and sea routes for shipments through the Americas and around the world. It is the main fabrication site for the Caloritech™ line of electrical heating equipment for industrial processes and environments, as well as the 3L Filters™ line of engineered filtration systems. This facility is ISO 9001 certified, carries the Chinese Safety Quality License for Import Boilers and Pressure Vessels, and meets the most stringent ASME quality assurance control standards.